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Welcome to Taree Denture Clinic

Taree Denture Clinic provides a complete denture service, starting from our patients being fully informed of all their options, right through to ensuring that you know exactly how to keep your new dentures looking good.

If you have been putting off getting new dentures because you’re self-conscious or embarrassed - you can stop worrying; The Taree Denture Clinic is here to make your smile!

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What is a Dental Prosthetist?

A Dental Prosthetist is a highly qualified and skilled member of the dental profession who deals only with the making of dentures and mouthguards. Your Dental Prosthetist will construct, fit and supply Full or Partial Dentures or Implant Retained Over-dentures and will provide a complete and professional denture service.


By direct consultation, your Dental Prosthetist will construct and fit dentures. Your Dental Prosthetist will maintain, repair and reline dentures as required by you the patient, or your referring practitioner. 

Dental Prosthetists can also provide custom made sports mouthguards.


Your Dental Prosthetist will personally consult, advise and assist you in all relevant aspects of your treatment, and where necessary provide referrals to other members of the dental profession.


A referral to a Dental Prosthetist is not necessary.


When should you see a dental prosthetist?

  • If your dentures have become loose and you are having difficulty keeping them in.
  • If you are experiencing pain when wearing your dentures.
  • If any of the teeth on your dentures have become worn.
  • If any of the teeth on your dentures have broken off or the denture itself needs repairs.
  • If it is 2 years or more since you have had your dentures professionally checked.  Over time it is natural for some bone and/or tissue resorption to occur.  We recommend you have a regular check-up of your mouth and dentures every 2 years to ensure that you have good oral health and your dentures remain well fitting