About Us

The Taree Denture Clinic is dedicated to providing a full denture service from your initial consultation right through to maintaining your new dentures over the years ahead. The clinic prides itself on providing patients with quality dentures that not only fit well but also look attractive and individual.


Constructing a denture is an art that requires patience, precision and experience. The Taree Denture Clinic aims to deliver comfort and confidence to all our patients’ smiles. Our mission is to deliver high quality yet affordable dentures and mouthguards that will enhance our patient’s overall health.


Why Choose Taree Denture Clinic?

At the Taree Denture Clinic, we understand just how unique your smile is.

Dentures can affect how you look, eat, speak, act, and feel.

A denture that fits well can have a tremendous and positive impact on your overall appearance, health, and outlook.

Each denture we construct is individually crafted, and we use only quality materials and time tested techniques.

We are committed to working closely with you to ensure that your new denture fits your appearance, physiology, personality, and lifestyle.


Feedback, Speacial Requirements


Made On-site

All of our dentures are made by our on-site dental technician who has had over 25 years of experience in the profession. No work is outsourced overseas! Our materials are all acquired from top Australian dental suppliers and comply with strict government regulations.


Recognised by all health funds and many more



NSW Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme (OHFFSS)


We are registered with the NSW Oral Health Fee For Service Scheme (OHFFSS) to provide denture services to be eligible patients who have been issued with an OHFFSS voucher.




Department of Veterans’ (DVA) Dentures

We are registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide denture services to our veteran community. This means that if you are a DVA Gold Card holder, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will cover all of your denture costs. Full dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs are all covered.


Gold Card Entitlements

  • One new complete or partial denture every six years
  • A replacement denture if yours becomes lost or damaged beyond repair
  • A denture reline every 2 years (or earlier if required by your dental prosthetist)


Flexible Payment Options

We believe in finding a quality denture solution to meet every financial situation. We provide a complementary initial consultation to discuss your denture needs with you fully prior to commencing any treatment. Once we have agreed on a suitable treatment plan we are happy to work out an individualised progressive payment plan.